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Problem: Custom bolt manufacturer has a threading machine from the early 1900’s with an obsolete design motor. The motor was 10HP with a 256U frame. The customer was broke down and needed to finish a time sensitive job that only this machine could do. Bearing Headquarters tried 7 different manufacturers and the customer tried 5 of our competitors to find an exact motor. The 10HP 256U designed motor is a high torque motor that is not available anymore. Also, the motor had a compartment to fit into that could not be modified.

Solution: Through taking measurements and understanding the true complexity of the motor, Bearing Headquarters was able to offer a 15HP Quarry / Crusher Duty motor with a 256T frame. The motor was available from the manufacturer in town so we were able to offer a same day delivery. The motor fit in the compartment with less than 1/8” of clearance.

Benefit and Cost Savings: The machine was able to run after only 1 day of downtime. The only other option offered was to rewind the motor with a minimum of 2 weeks. The new motor torque should keep the machine from stalling and will improve the energy efficiency.

Total savings to the customer is over $3,000.00 between downtime. The customer was also able to deliver the bolts on time to their customer.