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Problem: Customer had a complete gearbox assembly that was an integral piece on the production line. The customer did not know what was wrong with the gearbox assembly so they called the OEM for a rebuild kit. The OEM would only sell a complete assembly for $40,000.00; the OEM also had a long lead time for the assembly. Customer did not want to spend $40,000.00 and could not wait for the delivery from the OEM.

Solution: The Bearing Headquarters salesman discussed disassembling the gearbox and inspecting the gears, bearings, and seals for the customer. Because the gearbox housing cannot be removed from the equipment, the customer disassembled the gearbox in-house and the salesman identified the parts. One shaft and one gear were bad on the gearbox and needed to be replaced. The salesman sent the gear and shaft to Gear Headquarters for evaluation. Gear Headquarters was able to produce the gear and shaft in a short amount of time for a total of $591.81. The customer had the bearings and seals in their own stock.

Benefit and Cost Savings: Customer was able to save $39,500 and several weeks of downtime by using one of Bearing Headquarters’ shops. We also have a print for future reference so the customer can order the components and minimize the downtime to just a few hours.