Bearing Headquarters offers a trained sales force both inside and outside to assist you in making your plant run longer, faster and with less downtime expense. Here is a story where we saved a customer over $16,000 in less than six months.

SealMaster With PN Coating Saves Money in Food Plant
A sausage manufacturer had an issue with importer stainless tapped base pillow blocks failing after only 6 weeks of service. The bearing was in the middle of the machine; changing the bearing was a long process that involved removing the chain, two sprockets and having someone maneuver themselves inside of the opening to work on the equipment. Changing the two bearings would generally take over 4 hours, which is over 4 hours of lost production. The environment where the bearings are mounted has a temperature of around 180 degrees with high humidity and acidic vapors are trapped inside the machine. The customer has tried many different types of bearings but nothing has lasted.

Solution: The SealMaster phosphorous nickel plated units were selected by the BHQ salesman as a possible solution. The 52100 bearing steel with PN coating offers higher load ratings than the imported stainless blocks, the efficient HPS seal protects the internals of the bearing from the nasty environment, and the temperature range is up to 220 degrees. The SealMaster unit was also a drop-in for the import unit. After 6 months of running, the bearings are still showing no signs of wear.

Benefit and Cost Savings: This innovative SealMaster corrosion resistant PN unit has saved the customer well over $16,000 in replacement cost, labor cost, and lost production cost in less than six months.