Bearing Headquarters can supply more than bearing as in our name. We are a  provider of mechanical power transmission products like material handling products, belt drives, chain drives, couplings, motors, conveyors and adhesives to mention a few. Here is how we assisted a customer in solving a flat belt problem.

OEM BELT Alternative Saves Downtime

Customer had a machine used to de-burr chips from product. The components moving through this machine were stainless steel and using a Forbo belt made in Germany. The Forbo belt  was the belt that came with the original equipment. Unfortunately, customer was having many issues trying to re-order the piano hinged Forbo belt and splice part. The lead time was over a month. The manufacturer could not have his machines down for a month.

BHQ visited with one of our belting supplier’s specialist that suggested either a spiral laced or zip-link splice. This had the same advantages as the German OEM belt splice. It would not scratch the stainless steel pieces going through the machine. Customer decided on the zip-link. It had a simple push through pin installation and the belt could ship in less than ten days. The buyer decided to buy three of the zip-link hinged splices for two active machines.

The application required a great deal of customer’s time to disassemble the pulleys and frame to replace the OEM splices and belting. The pin assembly saved maintenance 2 to 3 labor hours on each installation. Our four day delivery time had the company making money more than three and a half weeks earlier than ordering the German supplied belt and splice. Estimated downtime the customer saved over over $50,000.

We are there for more than bearings.