Headco Industries is proud to announce that our Gear Headquarters facility in Kansas City, Kansas has achieved the prestigious status and certification as a Timken Bearing Certified repair shop. This certification is only held by a few shops that have demonstrated the processes, knowledge, understand and having a facility that follows proper bearing installation and maintenance.

Our staff was trained by a Timken engineer and followed by our shop having a pre-audit. Then an audit was scheduled for a later date. The official audit was conducted and Timken graded our shop on all aspects of our facility adhering to the expected highest standards and using proper equipment.

Gear Headquarters has been located in the Kansas City, Kansas area for over fifty years and is well known for its manufacturer of quality gearing, machine shop services and reducer repair program. Gear Headquarters uses the latest techniques and state of the art measuring devices like a FARO arm (laser measuring device) to insure accuracy and proper tolerance are held. They repair all makes and models of mechanical reducers. They have repaired reducers from under one hundred pounds to over three thousand pounds. The shop uses state of the art CNC equipment for making gears and machine shop type items