Process and Efficiency

Bearing Headquarters has been a leader in the industry since 1934, and we get better every year!  Let us pass this knowledge on to you to help make your project, inventory management system, warehouse, or anything else you need as efficient as possible.


An EDI connection eliminates steps in the procurement process by enabling effortless exchange of business documents such as purchase orders, proposal requests and invoices. We offer EDI connections to save your business valuable resources and give you direct access to our account managers and system specialists.

Benefits of EDI:

  • Lower inventory levels to increase productivity and improve cash flow
  • Expedite orders efficiently
  • Eliminate processing delays
  • Increase accuracy of order by keying in information one time only
  • Save money in all areas of the ordering process

Inventory Management

We are a long-time leader in inventory management, offering consigned inventory, vendor managed inventory, and crib management. We can clean up descriptions, identify duplicate items, establish standardization of parts, reduce inventory, and increase stock fill rates so that you have an efficient, optimized inventory to help you meet your goals.

Storeroom Management

Our Integrated Supply/Storeroom Management initiative helps customers manage product acquisition, eliminate redundant costs from the supply chain and secure prompt, cost-effective solutions. After assessing your current storeroom management procedures, we will modify processes to eliminate redundant activities and ensure that

Worker In Warehouse Preparing Goods For Dispatch

inventory is properly aligned. Our proprietary, customizable solution facilitates this integration, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Guaranteed Results:

  • Reduced procurement and transaction costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced product expense
  • Recovery of assets
  • Total accountability reporting
  • Seamless supply chain management

Bar Coding

We have the latest in bar coding equipment. We can bar code in your selected format and make labels matching your specifications. Bar coding can include the packing slip, invoice, individual items and containers. Our reliable, competitive products are here to get your job done.

Documented Cost Savings

We are your partner in identifying the cost of doing business. We will empower you with the information needed to increase productivity and profitability. Our methodology for measuring and documenting cost savings is just one more way we leverage our resources to provide ongoing savings opportunities for our customers.