Adhesion to the Social Liability Code

The following clause will be applied to suppliers and contractors to Bearing Headquarters.

Supplier, by accepting an order from Bearing Headquarters Company, declares that it has read the Bearing Headquarters Company Social Liability Code and that it agrees to comply with it in the performance of all activities as Supplier/Subcontractor.

Supplier may certify compliance with the Code by performing occasional audits or other types of inspection to ensure the Code is observed and the Supplier undertakes to respond immediately to any requests for information regarding compliance with the code received from Bearing Headquarters Company.

The following will be applicable to the Agreement:

Suppliers and Subcontractors Code to Bearing Headquarters Company

  1. All the law and standards in force in the country where the activities are performed must be complied with.
  2. Human rights shall be observed, and no employee shall be subjected to harassment, physical or mental punishment or any other type of abuse.
  3. As a minimum, salaries and working hours must comply with the laws, regulations and standard applicable thereto in the country in question, including minimum pay, overtime and maximum working hours.
  4. No forced or mandatory labour will be used, and employees shall be free to leave their employment after giving a reasonable period of notice.
  5. Child workers will not be used, and ILO standards shall specifically be complied with.
  6. The employees’ right to free association shall be respected.
  7. Employees will be provided with good workplace health and safety conditions.
  8. The activities will be performed with respect for the environment and observing all the pertinent legislation in the country concerned. This will include but not limited to proactive environmental, water and waste management with respect to our earth that we all share.
  9. All products and services shall be supplied in a manner that complies with the quality and safety criteria set out in the applicable contracts, and will be safe for the purposes intended.
  10. No fraudulent methods will be used to guarantee supplies of goods and services to Bearing Headquarters Company, for example the payment of bribes.
  11. The Suppliers and Subcontractors to Bearing Headquarters Company guarantee that their respective suppliers and contractors shall comply with the duties listed above.