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Services Information

We work hard to supply you with services that return long-term cost savings and reliability. As your partner in meeting industry goals, our services are specially made to maximize your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. From reducer repair and bearing failure analysis to export services and international sales, we’re all about providing the service you need.


Reducer Repair

In order to provide you with the best rebuild possible, our factory-authorized Cone Drive Build Center utilizes the top technology for testing wear. We offer the unique capability to manufacturer in-house replacement gear sets or make gears to new specifications. We also stock all of the components required to efficiently build the speed reducer you need. From sub-assemblies to new reducers, we offer hundreds of available rations assemblies per order – giving you a fast repair that will return long-term reliability and savings.

Our Build Center Crafts Products For:

– Rexnord Planetgear

– Falk Ultramite

– Falk Ultramax

– Radicon

Bearing Failure Analysis

We offer in-house and manufacturer’s failure analysis reports. From general overviews to in-depth reports, we identify the original cause behind your product failure. With this knowledge, you can get down to the root of the problem and fix more than just the outcome. We are proud to have more Certified Bearing Specialists than anyone in the field. This CBS designation is given to those who have extensive industry experience and have passed a proctored test overseen by the Bearing Specialist Association. We are committed to industry excellence so that you can have complete confidence in our expert solutions.

Data Cleansing Technology

Accurate, current and consistent industrial parts data is an essential component of efficient systems. Without it, your system will suffer from inaccurate reporting, duplicate inventory, lost items, missed sales, frustrated customers and a suffering bottom line. We can help you regain control by conducting an effective cleanse of your MRP/ERP records that will eliminate duplications and leave you with a manageable system of clean, uniform data.

Benefits of BHQ Data Cleansing Technologies:

  • Uniformity of your system data
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Accurate part numbers
  • Interchange data
  • Standardized description
  • Form fit and function information
  • Ability to find substitutions
  • Complete manufacturing information
  • Time saving, accurate identification of all industrial products
  • User friendly software

Inventory Management

We are a long-time leader in inventory management, offering consigned inventory, vendor managed inventory, and crib management. We can clean up descriptions, identify duplicate items, establish standardization of parts, reduce inventory, and increase stock fill rates so that you have an efficient, optimized inventory to help you meet your goals.

Technical Support and Training

Our technical support and training sessions give you the opportunity to talk to an expert and get answers to all your bearing and power transmission questions. We bring in the industry’s leading suppliers to conduct seminars and provide valuable product information for our customers. For a list of upcoming events, please email us.

Bar Coding

We have the latest in bar coding equipment. We can bar code in your selected format and make labels matching your specifications. Bar coding can include the packing slip, invoice, individual items and containers. Our reliable, competitive products are here to get your job done.

Export Services/International Sales

We have the vendors, commercial relationships, financing, and resources to quickly assemble and consolidate large bills of materials for quick shipment by air, ocean and truck. We accurately package, ship, and document products in accordance with US and international regulations.

With an extensive stocked inventory, comprehensive machine shop services, and unparalleled experience, we are your ideal partner in supplying, sourcing, and locating any material needed for industries around the world. Our International Division has serviced customers in over 30 countries by shipping containers full of engineered class chain, gear motors, and shaft couplings. We are proud to supply the materials needed for building infrastructures around the globe. Contact us today to learn how Bearing Headquarters can become your Service First™ global supplier.


Cone Drive Service Center

Our Drives Department is a Cone Drive Build Center. We stock housings, gearing sets and all other reducer parts required to assemble a completely new, factory-warrantied gear reducer to meet your specifications. Our Drives Division is centered on quality work and quick turn-arounds so that we can reduce your downtime and increase your productivity.

Electronic Data Interchange

An EDI connection eliminates steps in the procurement process by enabling effortless exchange of business documents such as purchase orders, proposal requests and invoices. We offer EDI connections to save your business valuable resources and give you direct access to our account managers and system specialists.

Benefits of EDI:

  • Lower inventory levels to increase productivity and improve cash flow
  • Expedite orders efficiently
  • Eliminate mail delay
  • Increase accuracy of order by keying in information one time only
  • Save money in all areas of the ordering process

Documented Cost Savings

We are your partner in identifying the cost of doing business. We will empower you with the information needed to increase productivity and profitability. Our methodology for measuring and documenting cost savings is just one more way we leverage our resources to provide ongoing savings opportunities for our customers.

Storeroom Management

Our Integrated Supply/Storeroom Management initiative helps customers manage product acquisition, eliminate redundant costs from the supply chain and secure prompt, cost-effective solutions. After assessing your current storeroom management procedures, we will modify processes to eliminate redundant activities and ensure that inventory is properly aligned. Our proprietary, customizable software solution facilitates this integration, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Guaranteed Results:

  • Reduced procurement and transaction costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced product expense
  • Recovery of assets
  • Total accountability reporting
  • Seamless supply chain management

Bearing Manual Interchange Guide

If you’ve ever tried to match a part through a different manufacturer, you know how frustrating and time consuming this process can be. In order to save you time and resources, we have created the one and only comprehensive Bearing Manual Interchange Guide. This all-encompassing bearing and power transmission “encyclopedia” matches part numbers for all manufacturers, making your search for the right part effortless. The Bearing Manual Interchange Guide is now available as a 3-volume set or DVD.


We can kit your product items as specified. We can make kits to complete a job, do a segment of a job, complete a portion of a shipment to your customer or as a repair kit for a piece of equipment. Our Kitting Services are available for anything from a few items to hundreds of items. Kitting can be done by using boxes, built-to-size crates, plastic containers, or other containers.

Industrial Buyers Consortium

Minority Spend programs to support MBE are important in many industries. The Federal government requires contractors to subcontract with minority businesses. State and local governments often have similar requirements. By the year 2050, one third of the United States’ population will be comprised of minorities – and companies in many industries have embraced this fact and have developed marketing strategies to support minority communities.

BHQ has an alliance with Industrial Buyers Consortium (IBC) to enable each BHQ customer to capture minority credit. IBC’s unique business offering provides value on many levels. As a premier contract management company, the value to the end users stretches far beyond minority credits. Purchasing power, technology platforms and targeted cost-savings initiatives help BHQ and IBC secure and maintain long-term contracts.

IBC is a minority-owned business certified by the Connecticut division of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). IBC meets NMSDC criteria as a Hispanic and veteran-owned company. IBC is one of the few minority-owned organizations with a footprint covering industrial MRO throughout North America.