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We keep your machinery operating at peak performance. From 24/7 troubleshooting and emergency repairs to specific product needs, our full offering of bearing and power transmission services are here to meet your challenges head on.

Since 1934 Bearing has been a competitive leader in the evolving field of American Industry

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Reducer Repair

Headco Machine provides complete gear machining, tool & die, metalizing and welding for all of your maintenance, repair, and fabrication needs.


Our Build Center offers a full range of Cone Drives, made-to-order products and Cone Drive Remanufacturing.

Bearing Failure Analysis

At Bearing Headquarters, we offer our customers comprehensive diagnostic services, troubleshooting solutions and all forms of repair.


We ship to customers around the world. Contact our Indianapolis, IN location for further information.

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Bearing Headquarters is the only bearing supplier with five unique machine shop facilities: Bronze Headquarters, Headco Machine Works, Gear Headquarters, Gears and Sprockets Headquarters, and Highland Hydraulics. We solve the most demanding bearing and power transmission challenges through innovative technology and precision manufacturing. Quick turnaround, customizable services, and competitive pricing make Bearing Headquarters the preferred single-source bearing supplier for customers throughout the United States.

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HERA Gearboxes May Save Time and Money

Problem: A fabricator of pressure vessels was breaking gearboxes, chains, and drive shafts on their trunnion welders. The customer is building pressure vessels that could be up to 8 feet round, 30 feet long and weigh up to 40 tons. The 4 foot long sections of tubes...

Custom Gearbox Rebuilds

Problem: Customer had a complete gearbox assembly that was an integral piece on the production line. The customer did not know what was wrong with the gearbox assembly so they called the OEM for a rebuild kit. The OEM would only sell a complete assembly for...

Custom Machining Saves Thousands

Problem: Customer received a new order from their customer to machine an eight station indexing table for a CNC to produce heat shield for barrel of assault rifle. The type of table needed will cost $40,000.00 to $70,000.00 to purchase. Their customer might need 24...