Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that describes potential hazards associated with a product containing hazardous material. An SDS contains information on physical data (boiling point, melting point, etc.), toxicity, possible health effects, first aid, protective equipment, reactivity, storage, disposal, and spill/leak procedures. The SDS provides information to both workers and emergency personnel on the proper precautions to take when handling or storing the hazardous product.

At Bearing Headquarters, we can provide an SDS for all products. However, an SDS is usually instantly available on the product manufacturers’ website. As a convenience to you, we have supplied links to those various manufacturers’ websites below. When possible, we have linked directly to the SDS section. If the manufacturer doesn’t have an SDS section, the SDS is most likely contained on the specific product page.

The SDS information accessed through these sites is not maintained by Bearing Headquarters but by the respective manufacturers. Bearing Headquarters makes no warranty in regard to the accuracy of the information and releases all liability related to its use.